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Types of IVC Filters
There are two types of IVC filters permanent and temporary. IVC filters carry a lot of risk which has caused more and more healthcare providers to place temporary or retreivable IVC filters. These filters are put in place with the intent to be removed when the blood clot issue has resolved.  If you have had an IVC filter placed and the blood clot has resolved, a temporary IVC filter can and should be retreived to reduce your risk of complications.
Although temporary IVC filters are placed with the ability for retrieval, sometimes they turn into permanent filters.
When retrievable IVC FIlters become permanent:
1. No specific plan is in place for retreival - Without an initial plan for retrieval many of the filters end up staying long-term. This is generally due to lack of follow-up from both doctor and patient. Lack of follow-up from patients is common with or without a plan in place and can often times result in the filter staying in place longer than anticipated.
2. Ongoing indications will often cause IVC Filters to be left in place indefinitely.
3. The inability to retreive an IVC Filter due to ingrowth or filter tilt will also result in the IVC Filter becoming permanent.